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reduce carbon emissions. save money.

We are Mackellar community members helping other Mackellar community members electrify local homes and businesses to save money and reduce carbon emissions through electrification.

We want to make it easy for everyone through providing information, tools and connections to help you understand the benefits and cost savings, plan your transition, and access government subsidies, low interest loans and bulk buy savings.

Your first step towards home electrification is to register with us and we'll be in contact to help you start your journey. Register and we'll be in touch!

Mackellar is ready to electrify! 


Home emissions account for more than 10% of Australia's green house gas emissions. Light vehicles, like your car, account for a further 11%. The best way to reduce those emissions is to electrify the home and car and power them with renewable energy. 

Energy guru Saul Griffith has led both the US and Australian government in developing policies to support home owners in 'electrifying everything' to reduce emissions and save money. Saul's sister Selena is a local resident and former councillor and together with other leaders in our community has formed Electrify Mackellar to help Mackellar become one of the first fully electric communities in Australia. 


Whether it's organising events with energy, holding stalls at Warriewood markets to demonstrate an electric BBQ or connecting you with neighbours who have been through the electrification and renewable energy journey - the Electrify Mackellar team are on the ground to help.

9 ways to electrify your life

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